Introductions And Formalities..

Well hello traveler of the internet.

Myself capturing the light just right..
Myself capturing the light just right..

You have made your way to a blog that is solely dedicated to my thoughts as a software developer, and member of the software community.  Rants, quandaries, paradoxes, ethical issues, latest developments, and ramblings;  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my hope is that you will receive it all.

My name is Jeff Bornemann, and I currently work for a company called iCiDigital, specializing in providing Adobe AEM implementations, and enterprise system integrations to Fortune 100/500 companies.  One of the best parts about my current job is it enables me to travel across the country (and hopefully the world one day.  I have my fingers crossed), and solve all sorts of different technical challenges for companies.


I’ll hope to use this website to entertain, log my technical challenges, and possibly even create some technical experiments 😉


See ya next time